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Can-Help is  an  herbal  health  supplement  that  helps  to  modulate  the  immune  system, have anti-inflammatory, anti-Cancer properties and high anti-oxidant value, and thereby have beneficial effects on thegeneral wellness of the human. It helps to boost the overall immunity of the patients and supports for better quality of life.


Coffoxy is an Herbal formulation enriched with natural extracts that delivers relief from sore throat, congestion, wet cough, dry cough etc. it helps to ease the breathing to normal and soothes throat infection.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozzrid is a unique ayurvedic preparation enriched with natural extracts formulated to provide fast relief from pain and stiffness of neck & shoulder joint. The formulation helps to heal symptoms like neck & shoulder pain and frozen shoulder & muscle spasm.


Penament oil is very effective in pain caused by injury,Rheumatoid arthritis,osteoarthritis  tennis  elbow,Backpain  and  joint  pain  it  is  blend of ancient Ayurveda and modern technology in the manage-ment of pain. Effective for pain associated with rheumatism.


ShatPlus is an herbal health tonic enriched with plant extracts which help to strengthen the body’s immune system. It contains herbs with potent properties like anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and more.