Following tests are provided as services at BVGLS

  1. ELISA Based Assay for Aflatoxins, Biomarkers in Rats, Mice such as TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-2 Etc.
  2. Biochemical and Enzyme based assays (Lipase, Peroxidase, ACE etc.)
  3. In vitro cytotoxicity studies and dermal irritation
  4. Genotoxicity by COMET Assay and Ames Test
  5. Skin Irritation / Corrosion and Eye Irritation / Corrosion
  6. In vitro efficacy studies and Anticancer activity (Cell Migration, Invasion) along with for different modes of cell death
  7. Cell migration assay
  8. MTT assay
  9. Toxicological studies – In vivo safety studies (Acute, Sub-Acute, Chroninc as per OECD guidelines