Myths & Facts about Immune System

Myths & Facts about Immune System

It is very important to separate fiction from facts because there is no doubt that sticking to facts can save your life and the life of many others because this is the immune system, our body’s defense system we are talking about, so it’s very crucial to be knowledgeable and aware when it comes to it.

Find Out Facts about Immunity

In this blog, we are going to cover common misconceptions that circulate about the immune system and debunk whether they are true or false. Let’s start:

Myth: Exercise cannot help boost your immune system

Fact: False.Exercising regularly and maintaining an active lifestyle can help boost cardiovascular health, thus, helping in circulation of white blood cells and support the functioning of your lymphatic system. Sure, there is not a direct link between working out and immunity, but it does help the immune system in maintaining the other organs.

Myth: The immune system is always going to remain the same

Fact: False. Your immune system ages just like every other cell and organ in your body. This is why, older people are more prone to infections. Make sure you exercise, take the help of ayurveda as well as consume a healthy diet to keep your immune system in a healthy state.

Myth: Everyone is born with good immunity.

Fact: False, if you are one of those individuals that is born with an immune system that is capable of fighting infections, consider yourself lucky and please don’t take it for granted. Not everyone is this lucky, some individuals have immune deficiencies since birth, which makes it super hard for their body to defend itself from even the smallest of infection,making them prone to deadly and harmful diseases. Remember another fact about immunity is that outside invaders can weaken your immune system and you should do anything you can to protect it.

Myth: Stress won’t impact the immune system

Fact: False. Most of us are aware of the many health problems stress and depression can cause and unfortunately it can heavily impact the immune system too. A stress hormone called cortisol can completely mess with the functioning and effectiveness of the immune system by changing the way white blood cells react to infections and other harmful pathogens. Other coping mechanisms used to reduce stress are drinking and smoking which can again harm your immunity in a big way. In other words, stress can drastically reduce the way the immune system behaves, making individuals prone to more health issues.

Myth: Getting enough sleep is important to boost immunity

Fact: True. There have been a lot of studies that prove a strong link between sleep and a healthy immune system. It is important to refresh your mind and to heal your body, which in turn, helps boost the immunity.

It’s Time to Stop the Spread of Immune System Myths

Now that you’re aware of the many facts surrounding immunity, ensure you follow set appropriate safety guidelines during times like the Covid 19 to limit virus spread.

Prioritise your immune system and do your part, replace these myths with cold facts and the truth and even let your family and friends know too!