Signs You Have Low Immunity


Your Immune System is Reaching Out to You.
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In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s become absolutely crucial for individuals to take precautions when it comes to health.

We’ve all heard how washing hands for 20 minutes, using hand sanitizers and maintaining social distancing are some of the norms to protect ourselves from the virus, but another component is a strong immune system that can help in combating any germs that are encountered and reducing the likelihood of being one of the many infected.

Consider your immune system like an army that protects your body (homeland) from harmful invaders such as bacteria or viruses, from entering and destroying the homeland. And if you’re wondering how to know if you have a weakened immune system then this blog is going to help you answer just that, along with what you can do to strengthen it naturally!

So, What Are the Symptoms of Low Immunity?

1. Your Stress Levels are Through the Roof

Are you one of those individuals that finds themselves getting sick after a stressful event or situation whether it’s in personal or professional life?

Let us tell you, it’s not a surprise- According to Psychology today, long-term stress weakens the immune systems response.

Stress decreases the lymphocytes in the body which are the white blood cells that fight off infection, one of the many causes of low immunity. The lower the lymphocytes, the more it puts you at risk for catching infections such as the common cold.

2. You Have Constant Digestive Issues

If you seem to notice constant digestive troubles such as diarrhea, constipation, acidity or gas, it could be a major sign of a weak immune system.

According to a research- 70% of your immune system lies in your digestive tract. Your gut produces bacteria that is super beneficial in preventing your immune system and defending your gut’s health by lowering your risk of viruses or other autoimmune diseases.

3. Catching Constant Colds

No, we don’t mean two to three colds each year. That’s perfectly normal, in fact even somewhat good for your body. We mean colds that constantly keep reappearing more than 5-10 times or won’t run it’s full course, which is a clear indicator that your immune system is struggling to defend itself.

4. Your Wounds Don’t Heal Easily

When you get a burn, cut or scrape, your skin automatically goes into a mode of trying to repair itself. The regeneration of new skin takes place when the body sends blood rich in nutrients to the place of injury in order to protect it, but the immune system plays a huge role in the healing process.

Now reverse this and imagine, what happens when you have low immunity? Your skin can’t regenerate and the wounds have a hard time healing and linger for a very long time, making you prone to a myriad of infections.

5. Persistent or Recurring Infections

One of the biggest red flags your immune system may be sending you is the constant recurring of infections. You could have an immunodeficiency that could make you susceptible to a range of health problems.

See what these are with Mayo clinics Primary immunodeficiency symptoms

6. Fatigue Sets In

Feeling tired at some point after vigorous exercise or a long day at work is expected. But if you’re getting enough sleep but still feel exhaustion that doesn’t go away, your immune system is trying to tell you it needs attention.

When your immune system suffers, it can take a big toll on your energy levels, this is because your body is trying to save up enough energy to power up your immune system so that it can combat germs.

If the above symptoms of low immunity sound familiar, it’s time to give your immune system first priority!

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If there is one thing we hope our blog has brought to life is that the immune system is the key to good health, so the more you can protect it, the better!

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