• What is Agro Safe ?

    It is a formulation that is purely herbal in nature. It is based on the principle of Nano Colloidal Chemistry and Quantum Electro mechanical physics wherein the extracts of vegetable and various herbs like corn, wheat, soya, potato, sugarcane and other farm produce are subjected to Nano technology.

  • Is Agro Safe non toxic ?

    Yes, Agro Safe is purely herbal and 100% non-carcinogenic and bio degradable certified by ECOCERT.

  • What does Agro Safe do?

    Agro Safe protects the crop from all types of sucking insects, pests and fungal diseases and keeps the plant healthy and ensures good disease and pest free, safe to eat food.

  • What is Agrow Magic?

    It is a formulation made from Vegetable extracts like Soya, Corn, Potatoes, Sugarcane, Coconut and other grain extracts wherein the molecules are converted to NANO COLLOIDS. It is based on state-of-art new generation Nano technology based on the Principle of Quantum Electro Mechanical Physics.

  • What does Agrow Magic do ?

    In a simpler way Agrow Magic acts as Crop booster, after it is applied through soil. It improves Cation Exchange Capacity phenomenon in the soil root system, thereby increasing the availability of Nutrients and water to the plant system. It is a well-known fact that, efficiency of fertilizer used in soil does no go beyond 30-40%, so Agrow magic helps in increasing that efficiency to greater extent and help boost the crop growth and ultimately the yield and quality of farm. It also increases the crop to withstand frost to (-)2.7° C

    Mode of Action : Agrow Magic is comprised of exceptionally tiny particles – which are half the size of DNA called ‘Colloidal Micelles‘. Each micelle carries a negative electromagnetic change that binds with the roots & stomata of leaves and it attracts and exchanges with positively charged particles like Nitrogen, Magnesium, Calcium and Carbon and enhances the root activity as well as photosynthesis of the leaves. Secondly, the Nano Miscelles break the surface tension of the water much below 10 microns enabling smaller root follicles to absorb wter for the plant, enabling even wetting within. This also grants a hardier crop yield. While the leaves are bathe with Agrow Magic, the carbohydrates accumulated due to photosynthesis is broken doen into smalle molecules and carried to the roots, enabling a better and an improved cation exchange.